don’t let your toothbrush hurt you: 90% end-rounding Matters


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We use premium parts because we simply believe in “BUILT TO LAST”. 

We own the DD&D* center and the manufacturing plant. Our END-TO-END capability enable us to offer reasonable price with 10 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY 

Design matters, our products are proudly designed by    Design Award Team.

* Define, Design and Development.  Oday define, design, prototype, manufacture and distribute the product without outsourcing, there is no middlemen between Oday and customer.


90% End-roudning

End-rounding can drive the brush head cost by 200% and you won’t notice it. That is the reason only few brands disclose end-rounding rate to consumers. 

At the 90% end-rounding rate, Oday always take your health as first priority.

I have used the toothbrush for more than 3 months and it still works without charging, my wife’s Phillips requires charging every week and it cost us $150 at Costco. I would say the build quality looks the same.

– David Tian

I decided to buy this electric toothbrush simply because it come with 10 year warranty. The product is quality made and I use it everyday when I take shower, it works great and I really love it.

– Mark Kenyon

I’ve never heard about end-rounding rate before and it really shocked me when I see my toothbrush’s bristle under the microscope. I feel lucky that I got to know this before its too late.  

– Barry Walker

2,000 mAh Li-ion Battery

Oday use 2,000 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery, and the battery lasts 120-180 days depends on the usage and mode. 

Longest Life Constant Power Temp Range Fast Charging PSOC Tolerant Green


Happy Customers and Counting


Years of Experience


Man Month Invested in Design & Development

unbeatable price


  • 2nd Gen Sonic Motor
  • 4,300 RPM
  • 180 Days Battery
  • 5 Modes
  • 2+2+2 Brush Head *
  • IPX7
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 5 Colors (3 Pure & 2 Magic)


  • Premium Filaments from Dupont, Perlon and Toray
  • 90%+ End-Rounding
  • 14 Sections
  • W Shaped Design
  • High Density Bristles
  • 3 Colors (Black, White, Pink)

*  Package includes 6 brush heads, 2 GentleClean™ , 2 CrossClean™, 2 DiamondAction™.  GentleClean™ use Pedex™ Medex Soft Filamanets with sharpened end; CrossClean™ use Dupont™ Tynex Classic filaments; DiamondAction™ Dupont™ Tynex Brilliance Diamond shaped filaments.